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Air It Out

Probably not the only who wishes they had a best friend.Someone you text when you wake up rather than sitting on your bed,Vexed about it all.Someone I can call any time my mind bounces from wall to wall,In ballistic fashion.Because,I'm just worn out by emotions I wear on my sleeve,Even if they make me mad... Continue Reading →

Don’t Know What To Say (The Good Memories continued)

Before you get up and start your day, Getting ready to clock in for work and get paid, Just to smile after being ridiculed for all the pain you may be feeling, Try not to forget how memories don't have to make you cry... Any time a thought wrenches your gut, Think about the grin... Continue Reading →

We’ve Been Tricked

*disclaimer at the bottom* As an outcast never accepted. A child who was always rejected. By everyone! White, Black, Yellow, Didn't matter how receptive. I was, For the culture of anyone! Racism. Doesn't mean anything to me, When we're all slaves to the Money. Green attracts all the 'honeys.' Green is the reason others won't... Continue Reading →

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