We’ve Been Tricked

*disclaimer at the bottom*

As an outcast never accepted.
A child who was always rejected.
By everyone!
Didn’t matter how receptive.
I was,
For the culture of anyone!

Doesn’t mean anything to me,
When we’re all slaves to the Money.
Green attracts all the ‘honeys.’
Green is the reason others won’t let me Be,
Trying to steal Peace from me…

I’m light-skin.
My history is dark.
Others just couldn’t care any less because of what they “see,”
I’m classified as white from a far.
And I rap,
For me to be respected?
I have to lift a heavier weight off my shoulders and ‘raise the bar…’

I’m behind them too,
As far as I can tell.
But most think I’m white,
My food at the deli costs more than what they can sell.
It’s not until I yell,
“Gracias por todo,”
Where they’ll cut prices off the shelves.
My struggles are worthless in the eyes of my culture,
Because I can spell,
And speak English really well.
Couldn’t keep my job sweeping streets to put food on my plate
Because I wouldn’t slack and play dominoes when my pockets needed help.
Left bloodied on the sidewalk since I wasn’t Macho enough inside of a world that feels like hell…

Seems like we’re all separated within our Own.
Malcolm X and King never saw eye to eye,
While X was killed by his own up close.
Islands like Haiti and D.R.,
Once One,
Still hate each other while they go blow for blow.
Israel and Palestine still going at it while the body counts grow.
Civilians in Afghanistan running with no where to hide while they watch their own blood flow.
The Congo,
I can go all day with all the war we’ve grown.
Too many to name,
For me to worry about problems we create in our own homes…
Green is the one and only color others care about the moment where they’ve felt sorrowful the most,
They ever have…


*Sidenote: I just wanted to express how we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. How we should never disregard each other’s pain because of our background. We all deserve love. You, who may be reading this at this moment. Your friends, family and even enemies. Let’s not let our American Government divide/separate us. Please. Communicate with love. Pure love…

Have a wonderful rest of the day 💜💜💜

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