Another Journal Entry

Spilling out all of my truths,
Filling me proudly with who,
Resided inside of my Heart,
My Soul,
My Roots.
Is a habit you have to adopt in a world,
Where the Serpent looms…
Violently snaps while it slithers around for food.
Preferably you,
While walking through your path to,
Wherever you envision yourself to be…

Whether it be a mansion,
A Safe full of stacks and,
A big garage full of cars parked in all fashions.
A lifestyle much more simple.
An apartment,
Small house big enough for a family to have fun and mingle.
Be happy with every decision you make,
Since you’re the one who laced the boots you swore to wear in the face of a Pistol.
That War between your demons and yourself you promised to walk out of,
As the victor…

Who are you?
To judge another.
To fuss about the flaws of all others.
To crush the hopes of anyone climbing out of an abyss where most of us have slumbered…

Are you,
God in the flesh with wings too beautiful to show?
Is it all an act when you’re in the scene gaining much attention to boast,
A popularity based on a Vanity that doesn’t exist?
Only in an instagram post where you keep that one pic.
Flickering lights from another’s Lambo,
While you lean back on that whip.
Flashing dough for the jawns with dead hearts who leave a like under it.
Going from an average to a fat Joe in a split second while drunk by the Eucharist…

I guess not…
All you did was put a rope around your neck,
While hanging high above a bed of rocks.
Tugging on the Slip Knot,
Leading to the death of your dreams while you rot…

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