Back In Shape

Been a square in a world said to come around full circle. Jumping over hurdles I am meant to soar past virtu- Ally. Using everything the Devil made as an Aly, Heaven sent to me as a reason for the balance that I need. And, I ain't the only one. Trying to keep running away... Continue Reading →

Rude Rapz (Prelude)

Same dimes, Same wraps, But, A lot of things have changed while I keep my rhymes in tact. A syntax unmatched. Always lived by the Boom-Bap. I'll die for these rude raps. Anything is possible when I move back, And fourth. With a pen, And course, Through this page so that I can cruise past,... Continue Reading →

We’ve Been Tricked

*disclaimer at the bottom* As an outcast never accepted. A child who was always rejected. By everyone! White, Black, Yellow, Didn't matter how receptive. I was, For the culture of anyone! Racism. Doesn't mean anything to me, When we're all slaves to the Money. Green attracts all the 'honeys.' Green is the reason others won't... Continue Reading →

Insidiously Confused

Only thing that matters to me, Is a chance to ride a beat. Forget a friendship. They set you back when you're on your path to succeed./ Suns flower every rose meant to surpass the concrete, As long as you chew everything you dare to swallow no matter how hard it can be.../ I'm an... Continue Reading →

Both Can Fall Off The Seesaw

I don't want to be democratic.Nor a conservative.Rather get back at it with another rhythm while I feel murderous...You've heard of it!Already.A child from the ghetto trying to rock steady.Break away from a neighborhood full of guns & rocks,Setting in the outer surface of my character while I dance with the Devil...On most nights,I wrestle... Continue Reading →

Rappin’ 4 Survival

The Dean of this class full of monsters I'm schooling, When I'm loading up a big Winchester I'm shooting, Up to a sky, So illusive when you're trapped in the bottom of a Croc pool... This... Life of mine, Where I drown inside, Of my own tears... Is so clear, When I show mere glimpses,... Continue Reading →

’92, A Monster Was Born…

Repeatitive babble. Rattlesnakes slither and bite through flesh that isnt mine, For I, was not the creator of my own life... One morning I awoke. My eyes poked holes into realities I wish stayed dead, On the same bed, Where my dreams lay, It seems. Where anger steams and blows marijuana smoke while boat loads... Continue Reading →

My Only Sunshine

Hello, Sunshine! So bright while you light up the sky. So high, Yet, Providing me some warmth when I feel like I'm about to cry, For whatever reason... Shining amongst my fluffy cheeks, I make sure to embrace you throughout all seasons. Because, When I lay defeated? You run a muck through any darkness trying... Continue Reading →

Night’s Uncertain

I rather not lie like your neighborhood preacher, Screaming for peace, But, Unable to deter demons creeping against my pool of tears, I dive in feet first while I sip drinks underneath a chandelier, I'm not perfect... Within these verses, I am not certain that I will make it out alive, As I shower amongst... Continue Reading →

Poetry Written In Blood

Thoughts I write up, Like day jobs and strike one. Batter's up, While I'm boxed in, On a search for diamonds without a need to buy one. I'm shining, Glass cups to my lightbulb while I light one. I'm dining alone with many knives, A, Will to survive With demons in mind, Who believe I... Continue Reading →

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