The Calm Before The Storm

I’m having a little problem,
It’s about time that I solve it.
I’m off of It!
Trying to offset my losses and,
I’m kind of losing my patience…

Putting myself right back together,
Shouldn’t I stop complaining and just embrace it?
Those little pieces of me that died while chasing,
A different life where I didn’t choose to die,
Over the pain I’ve felt from all the nights,
I was by myself,
In a pen and pad trying to ride out of hell,
By writing the story I’m destined to tell?

I probably should,
A part of me says that I shouldn’t!
I honestly would,
If I never was labeled a crook in,
The eyes,
Of beloved I no longer covet in mine…..

I don’t recall breaking a bond with loyalty that I follow,
Most walk Hollow!
I’m rock solid.
If they all pop shots,
On God!
I will pop bottles,
From all the shots I’m dropping!

I guess I’m out of pocket…
Broke free from mold that hardened…
With a pen that I have sharpened…

No more losses…

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