Side Eyez

Supercilious side-eyes are given towards my person throughout the city. I do not know why, But I digress…

Because, aren’t we all bags of flesh carrying scars we decide to show only when someone has a hand inside? Intransigent I become when it feels as if I’m preyed upon by decrepit souls worn out by their own piercing darkness. Those eyes that seem to follow me anywhere I go within a municipal home to Devils in disguise…

Yet, when observing my surroundings, leaves ricochet against each other within their own tornadoes of silence. Lightening shrieks throughout a sky blackened by flailing debris of War taking place inside of our riddled minds…

Hashtag: “Fuck everybody, this world ain’t shit!”

Seems to be an attitude trending world wide whether it’s displayed through the confines of an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook post, or political spat throughout news outlets plugging you into propaganda you’re coerced to regurgitate with clear succession…

Is there a solution to it all? A cure for disease most incubate in their minds without ever bothering to take notice? I think there is, but that’s just me. A guy labeled crazy by a woman crazy enough to birth a son like me. A son trailblazing through a labyrinth of Deceit cloaked as “America, home of the free!”

What is it? The cure to madness we’ve envisioned through the lenses of puppet masters and ventriloquists tugging at our heart strings? Tell you what. It’s certainly not encapsulated by Bulma’s Capsule Corporation, Yusuke Urameshi’s glowing Spirit Finger, the cheat code option in Turok N64’s pause menu, nor anything else keeping us distracted from observing hidden truths brought to light in a world mistified by lies. The cure definitely doesn’t lie within camaraderie hastily severed by the divergence of political views. The cure rests! Within an internal void only you, yourself, can fill. A void shaping the way you take notice of others around you…

As for myself? I guess this time around, I’ll just ignore any set of eyes leering at me and just, smile. Breathe. And, realize that I am not my own enemy…

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