The Apple That Fell Far From The Tree (16 Bars)

Throat stings,
Limbs too strained,
Head constantly rings./
Still I sing,
Ball up my fists and swing,
At anybody hardheaded enough to box me in a ring!/
You can go ahead and try to knock out a king.
We just get up,
Compose ourselves and think!/
Of another way to stop a War leaving most of our futures bleak…/

Who cares if I feel unappreciated?
My whole life has been held against a wall by constant pain with drinks in my mind to alleviate it./
Every night I wanted someone to embrace,
I received a visit by a woman named Mary Jane and…/
All she did was burn me to ash…
I rose from the ashes like the Phoenix that I am and took a hard-fought stand!/
Perching my feet on top of a piece of land,
I have no other choice but to share.
Allowing others to lounge on the grass…/

It’s just the life of an Underdog.
An ‘average joe’ laying everything out on the floor without dropping the ball./
Settling scores against my demons,
I can only rise and dodge calls leading to a Fall where I lay deceased in…/

I’m not trying to die yet,
In a life I appreciate much more as I digress./
Focusing my mind on something other than a pair of tyrants,
Who brought me into this Earth just to tell me how worthless I am through their eyes so lifeless…/

All I know is,
I will stay silent,
Stay vibrant./
Lines in my palms once so divisive,
Bars signaling the end of crisis./
Lived inside a rotting cell for so long,
I flipped!
Got an upgrade and stayed in my own place just writing/
I guess…
It isn’t as they say it.
I’m the one Apple falling far from a tree dying!/
As I watch it crumble.
While crying…

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