Just Felt Like Rappin’ (Seen It All *By Jeezy* Freestyle)

Never been a baller,But,I’m writing lyrics richer than every single dollar anyone can make.Never been a player,But,A nerd courting more than a dime piece while everybody tries to hate,On me!For the truths I speak!A man all about keeping his word never has to lie while he’s seeking a deeper meaning of life for a better... Continue Reading →

Sorry, Not Sorry!

Sorry,Not sorry!I was just born this way.With a will to detach myself from atavistic features like a 6-pack,In hand,Along a winking eye whenever it’s time to show who I truly am… Sorry,Not sorry!For most of my life,I’ve been excessively fat.Pushing 300 pounds,Until now,Ever since I’ve crossed and burned bridges that couldn’t withstand!The weight of my... Continue Reading →

What Are Bars To You?

What are bars to me? My canvas painted with scars to see. My mind's body from limb to limb, To tell my story from every part of me... It's a place of freedom whenever I feel captive, Ironically... It isn't a place just for blacks and latinos, But a sanctuary to leave our marks wherever... Continue Reading →

Rude Rapz (Prelude)

Same dimes, Same wraps, But, A lot of things have changed while I keep my rhymes in tact. A syntax unmatched. Always lived by the Boom-Bap. I'll die for these rude raps. Anything is possible when I move back, And fourth. With a pen, And course, Through this page so that I can cruise past,... Continue Reading →

Insidiously Confused

Only thing that matters to me, Is a chance to ride a beat. Forget a friendship. They set you back when you're on your path to succeed./ Suns flower every rose meant to surpass the concrete, As long as you chew everything you dare to swallow no matter how hard it can be.../ I'm an... Continue Reading →

The “Boyz” Are Watching

The Boys are watching...Sirens at the highest volume as they're clocking in for quotas through our products.Pistols cocking with machetes locking in on every neck to slice through the problem.There's a war going on in a concrete jungle where the Monsters pop up,In all the dark corners you have walked across from...The Boys are watching...From... Continue Reading →

Night’s Uncertain

I rather not lie like your neighborhood preacher, Screaming for peace, But, Unable to deter demons creeping against my pool of tears, I dive in feet first while I sip drinks underneath a chandelier, I'm not perfect... Within these verses, I am not certain that I will make it out alive, As I shower amongst... Continue Reading →

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