Rude Rapz (Prelude)

Same dimes,
Same wraps,
A lot of things have changed while I keep my rhymes in tact.
A syntax unmatched.
Always lived by the Boom-Bap.
I’ll die for these rude raps.
Anything is possible when I move back,
And fourth.
With a pen,
And course,
Through this page so that I can cruise past,
Anyone wishing to drown me…

Clouding my atmosphere since I’ve been lousy.
Still ripping the city apart,
With rhythms and visions in thought.
While sipping Coronas and shots!

Throw whatever at me!
I will be happy writing these sick lines I’m hacking through your mind,
So computerized.
Cell in your hands,
Trapped by the ‘hip’ trends you hop to when triggered right…
I’ll just stick to my side of things while most abide,
By their slave masters curriculum.
Smoking loud packs in Dutch-masters,
While popping bottles,
Gladly getting drunk…

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