Aimless Drift

On most days,
I feel as stoic as a stone chained to the inner core of Earth.
I’ve never bothered to figure out why.Have you ever,
Ever felt exhausted in all ways emotionally,
That your light bulb shatters inside of your skull,
As you flow on with the motion?
I’m drifting aimlessly at the moment…Funny though,
How most people who read my poetry say it’s dark,
Fail to acknowledge that,
It’s just the way I feel,
I can’t help it…I normally don’t reach out,
When I do,
It seems as if it’s never enough,
Seducing my anger to isolate myself further.Maybe,
It’s because I yearn for a family.
One that’s functional.
It’s hard to be alone for most of your time,
Trying your best to ward off negative energy.I’m most certainly found sitting on a chair,
In the middle of my room,
Striking my fingers against the screen of a phone,
Or my pen against a piece of loose paper,
Fighting until every demon lays dead in the crevis of a crumbled notepad…What if I fall to my knees,
And lose thy battle?
A helping hand would be ideal.
I guess I’m on a quest to start my own,
In a way,
And reverse everything taught to my inner child…

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