An Escape From The Grips Of Love

Life for us was,
Full of hysteria more than love on most occasions.
Felt like I had eaten more insults during dinner-time more than food.
Those were the fruits of life I’ve needed…

No longer is my heart at the mercy of her manipulation.
Freed from the grips of a woman,
By her own insecurities.
Each jab brought me a step closer out of our bedroom doors.
A smile on my face as soon as I hit the floor,
On the other side.
Didn’t want to leave,
Eventually forced to do so,
Since I was tired of staring into my mirrors just to scratch away at the surface…

My absence in her life doesn’t mean I’d wish for her to live sorrowful.
More so,
I needed to disappear.
From a prison of despair where reminders of my failures are constantly being written on the walls.
Failures I had believed I bounced back from.
I guess,
For her?
My bounce just wasn’t as high as she wanted to be…

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