I Just Really Miss Her…

Feels like an eternity ever since you’ve been gone.
The only woman I’ve ever given my entire heart to,
Just to end up doing you wrong…

I guess,
I’ve always wanted to rewrite my mistakes.
A chance to show you that I am no where near a grave.
No where near that dark place,
Where I put your mind in,
Even when you went through the pain,
Of loss…
Your Father…

All I want you to know that the last version of myself you had seen was an imposter.
Just my demons in the flesh while I didn’t even bother.
To take my soul back,
Until now…
Now that you’re gone…
I miss you…
I love you…

Never will I be that monster again.
Please know that I fight every day to repent.
As I will never forget,
How you are the most divine Goddess that my heart has met…
God bless…

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