Met The Woman Of My Dreamz…And Wish I Never Did

I kind of met the woman of my dreams, But, Wish I never did. Her curls are so beautiful, But, My mind's wrapped up in the thought of exiting from this, Reality that doesn't seem to quite like me, While I'm fighting for peace... Her voice is as sweet as my favorite piece of chocolate,... Continue Reading →

Virtual Tearz

I think about the time I had sent you that video. Where I cried while showing you the gift I made with my bare hands, For you, As each droplet fell. Making ripple effects within your own pool of Annoyance... And all I thought was, You made me feel like I was everything to you,... Continue Reading →

High Skiez

Moments like these, I smile wide. Drinking up a few cans while I spew rhymes. I am not ashamed of the struggle I've been given in my life. See, I just make a beat inside of my mind, And just write against my demons line for line. Pound for pound, While I'm boxed in with... Continue Reading →

Seduced Beneath Moonshine

Out of every sin, Lust grabs my a5ttention most. I bathe in her legs... Deeply do I stroke, Her insides gently, but hard. Toes curl back & forth... My virgin palms, tainted. Tainted by your virgin skin... It was meant to be... I drown in your lips, Wet with sensual intentions, As I quench thirst...... Continue Reading →

Passing ‘Em Around

You said you want me, But, You left me, Inside of an abyss I'm resting in. Flames burning my rotting flesh I've sinned in, Repeatedly, While wetting this... Seed in my mind trying it's best to grow... Grow out of this endless tug of war with demons trying their best to show... But, Nowadays? I... Continue Reading →

Promisez Forsaken

What are promises any good for just to break them? Why waste the power of your words just to leave your friends and family forsaken? At least for a soul who doesn't carry the intention to maim and raze a foundation, Built by credence between one another, "I got you And you got me even... Continue Reading →

Favorite Piece Of Chicken, Gone Bad

Only kind of side piece I like? The last piece of fried chicken from a hot, crunchy, heavenly side order of fried chicken tenders from Popeyes. A side piece I allow to flow down my esophaguas with a smile and chuck-full of pride, arriving into the inner depths of a happy-go-jolly stomach awaiting its prize.... Continue Reading →

Poetry Written In Blood

Thoughts I write up, Like day jobs and strike one. Batter's up, While I'm boxed in, On a search for diamonds without a need to buy one. I'm shining, Glass cups to my lightbulb while I light one. I'm dining alone with many knives, A, Will to survive With demons in mind, Who believe I... Continue Reading →

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