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Forgive Me

Sorry for neglecting you. So, So sorry for lacking attention towards the affection you try to show me. Ungrateful I've been of the beauty you bestow upon a life I've made exhaustively dark. By just, Leaving every journal closed instead of opening them and, Absorbing every glittering stream of heartwarming light you've shone on a... Continue Reading →

Her Love Is Dark

I love you even if you call me a 'piece of shit'. I refuse to believe you mean it at any level, For whatever reason. What I do believe is that you'll love me all throughout the seasons. We promised we'd weather the storm and defeat it. Fight through every drought when we are thirsty... Continue Reading →

Aimless Drift

On most days,I feel as stoic as a stone chained to the inner core of Earth.And,I’ve never bothered to figure out why.Have you ever,Ever felt exhausted in all ways emotionally,That your light bulb shatters inside of your skull,As you flow on with the motion?I’m drifting aimlessly at the moment…Funny though,How most people who read my... Continue Reading →

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