Her Love Is Dark

I love you even if you call me a ‘piece of shit’.
I refuse to believe you mean it at any level,
For whatever reason.
What I do believe is that you’ll love me all throughout the seasons.
We promised we’d weather the storm and defeat it.
Fight through every drought when we are thirsty to leave this,
Hell only our minds can create no matter what kind of treason…

I don’t really care about what happens in the background.
Even if it is civil war commenced by the anti-christ,
Who won’t back down until he’s achieved his prized,
Regardless of what they may be,
As long as I have you in my arms to sway me…

Nobody knows what will happen in a kingdom paving,
The way to our ultimate destruction,
The more we covet darkness and shove it down each other’s spirits…
Never will I leave your side until we have fully painted our vision,
We have dreamt of manifesting the moment we had locked eyes and fell in love…
I can only thank the lord up above…

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