Stay Out Of My Dreamz

Imagine loving someone so much,
You make sure they get home safe and sound.
You make sure to tell them how fond you are of their smile.
So beautiful it was sitting pretty right across from me.
Having dinner under spotlights illuminating both of us,
Without a single moment where you’d want to rush off your seat,
Out of a restaurant serving more than a hot plate of grub!
A pot made of sugar,
Spice and a plethora of love,
I haven’t really had in a long while…

That’s just how she makes me feel.
Anytime God forces me out into His field,
Where battles of the mind take place,
As my only weapon is to kneel and pray…

To me?
She’s all a dream while I trot across the shore of a sea,
Confused as to why I’m too remote and hesitant to reach…
For more than a dollar and an escape from a glass house so out of control,
As it was built with nothing but regret and doubt,
About your own worth with no one to console…

I’ve just been hurting a bit.
Trapped in a veil of smoke only I can see,
No matter how hard I’ve been fighting to keep my sobriety,
Thinking how sweet it’d be to have a loyal woman fighting right by me,
Away from a world that became so bitter and grimy,
Until I realize I want more than an embrace from another.
A smile I give myself than from someone who fades away,
As I open my glistening eyes to the sounds of Thunder…

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