Rotten Applez

Is it really power?
A curse we can’t seem to process?
In a world so black and white,
Either in the wrong or Right,
Who am I to stamp what is truth where they only care about a profit?
Take a look around you!
Answer for most is to make an extra dollar just to alter habits seen as nonsense.
We prey on each other when we see another’s life greener than our house is!

I’m hounded!
By the Dog shackled to my soul,
Trying to take a bite off what I can’t afford,
More than a plate and a room heinously surrounded!
By darkness…
Taking the form of a Tree I was picked off from…

All I yearn for is to figure out what to do with miles of information,
Popping up out of no where while expected to embrace it.
A rebel in an era full of Devils in disguise is nothing but adjacent,
To a Man I will no longer cross as I now see what we ought to change in,
An Apple rotting from within it’s core…

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