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No Surrender

Answer me!…
When will it all go back to normal?
I miss strolling through a field of grass without a pompous ass telling me to put my mask on.
I miss taking in a deep breath without anyone glaring at me like a mad dog.
I damn sure miss making my way into a store with my mask off!
Without the Fear of another attempting to break my sanctity…

A past we can surely bring back!
If we choose.
Media and Fear has been more of the Tragedy.
Medical malpractice?
The 3rd leading cause of death,
And “They” urge me to believe their fallacies?
“Hospitals are full!”
I haven’t even seen a single one packed,

That’s just my personal reality,
As a man pitting himself against any sense of conformity.
A quarter of the way through life without a mask,
And I will not pay the price of abhorring thee body I was blessed with!

From what I know?
It all starts with brushing your teeth and breakfast.
That Food for thought you mess with,
The minute you wake up!
For one buff my lexis.
Toothpaste I prefer?
Is fresh mint.
It’s just,
Cold when I speak truth and brush off the next witch,
Trying to fill cavities within a body full on the Peace I’ve manifested!
With lies that will destroy us from within…

A bittersweet destruction that doesn’t involve the physical,
Our soul and spirit.
If you must believe to see,
Then We!
Are at fault for how the hell we’re all living!…
I can just imagine if citizens in America were brave enough to make their own decisions…

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