La Vida Me Cambio

La vida me cambio para siempre.
Never do I start my days the same as I used to.
A difference in a routine formerly full of booze,
Boos now rejected by an inner child whom chooses to be free of any mold now rock solid!
As I’m no longer on the rocks climbing out of any hole I plotted myself…

At times,
We create our own hell and don’t even recognize it.
By focusing on a picture that’ll make you snap and come out of pocket,
Even if it doesn’t make any sense while you waddle all around with an empty wallet.
What blocks us from ever noticing how blind some of us become?
Is that drink doing what your heart should’ve done!
From the very start…
Finding peace without piecing a joint with buds we burn,
Like the bridges we turn upside down for highs revealed to be a farce…

It’s all in our minds,
Isn’t it?
A reality shaped by memories sinking into every corner of a set of eyes with blurry vision fixed!
By using pieces of the Glass House I came from as my preferred lenses.
Lenses used to descry the misdeeds stained with blood from a bloodline of Wolves dead in their trenches…

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