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Alyssa was a bright,
Young scholar.
Focused on her straight A’s until a twisted thought became a bother.
Before any introduction of her destruction,
I wanted to tell you a story of her fatal reconstruction…

You have to understand hard times in the ghetto.
Being born and looked at as a failure from birth,
Meant for nothing from the get go…
Growing up without pops,
Because he’s a dead beat,
His heart caught a case full of shots!
Every other day?
Belts and wires get imprinted on your face,
As you trap your feelings and implode on the curb you end up calling home,
Forcing you to race!
To a shelter for a while.
Stuck in the same cycle until they deny you while you still try to re-file…

And for Alyssa?
She came from a poor family.
A project building baby living in the South Bronx soaking in their mental tragedies.
There was a difference in her energy.
Defiant of the “get money,
Fuck bitches” creed even the neighborhood beggar speaks.
Stayed busy working on her math,
Cried every night her Mom and Dad chose to divide yet let her see!
The aftermath.
How Dad gets mad and just viciously slaps her ass…
No other way to describe that disaster at hand…

Alyssa was sweet,
Wasn’t a bad child,
She just wanted to see a better day,
But all she got was rain every morning our sun forgot to shine and show its face.
And the moon?
It left back its precious night light,
Without a choice to sleep in the dark.
Dreams obliterated because her parents left their mark…

She’s only 12 with dreams to breathe in morphine.
Now she’s looking at her peers
to rebel,
Intertwined with more and more fiends.
Cutting class for grade A drugs she loves endorsing!
As the answer for anybody’s problems…

As puberty hit her earlier than most,
She became an object of lust for boys to grip and hold,
Confusing it for love while she calls herself grown and bold!
Foolishly falls for this attention so she lures in the mess!
Stealing her mother’s make up on her way out to school,
Leaving her real self behind crying in bed…
Pink lip stick laced with sexual cocaine.
Tight crop top cutting out her innocence so she was tagged with a “hoe’s” fame,
During one moment gone awry,
Something clicked in her mind…

For the first time,
Alyssa caught stage fright,
As she encountered boys from left to right.
Experiencing epiphanies that giving her body away is wrong,
But her arm was swiped!
Grabbed and held on tighter than her virgin pussy.
Stepped into a world of rape by an ally way with predators savagely looking,
And salivating for fresh meat with no plan to end up in central bookings,
He obliterated her jaw to keep her from screaming…
The ally being dark and shadowy,
A plethora of people walk by without noticing,
A girl being penetrated while screaming in the inside because her purity disintegrated…

Even though she was let go afterwards,
Her parents didn’t care…
No kiss or a hug for some kind for comfort,
As she received news weeks later that two babies are arriving,
Even though its news she couldn’t bare…
Giving birth to the first while dying by the second,
Hoping she was reborn with the Man upstairs…

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