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Put The Cell Away

Some people have so much money and material.Why?So busy distracting themselves from internal pain torturing them daily.Some are just addicted to drugs,While some are enthralled by a glossy image imprisoning their true character in a cell we,Ourselves,Tightly clutch in the middle of our palms.A cell we pray gives us every answer we seek in a... Continue Reading →


Attention is a hell of a drug!Especially after grabbing a mic around a crowd so desperate to get drunk and high.And I grew tired of it…Watching others surrounding themselves with 1800 bottles while I try to write a hot line?Has me wired in with!Who I really am,Instead of running away from my truths I once... Continue Reading →

The Boogeyman Is Tired

Quiet and observant!Is how one must be when you’re anything like me.Because,When you’re a man as lonely as I’ve been,Not only are you silenced,But!Deleted from society and its “toxic” environment,Where most spearhead a protest against those too vibrant!And,Alive in a city dead of hopes and dreams,Replaced by hope in dope and creeds misleading anyone with... Continue Reading →

Plugged In

Easy,Ain’t it?To tell someone to,“Just do!”Especially,When you haven’t received a single ounce of respect you’ve earned.When depression seeps into your mind first thing in the morning while you thirst,For a smile you can see within a scratched mirror you’ve clawed at ferociously for answers… The disaster it is when a human mind is cursed by... Continue Reading →


Alyssa was a bright, Young scholar. Focused on her straight A's until a twisted thought became a bother. But, Before any introduction of her destruction, I wanted to tell you a story of her fatal reconstruction... First, You have to understand hard times in the ghetto. Being born and looked at as a failure from... Continue Reading →

Mr. Murda Mo’

Double barrel glocks, Propped, Under a pillow where he dreams of another shot... Shot, Shots! All over his mind from the minute that he wakes, To the minute that he drops... Number one gangsta' on his block! A top notch learning curve for pitching a rock. Dealing a heavy stock of Death for a fiend... Continue Reading →

Older I Get

Better get this money, Some honeys, Guns for you to start bucking, Everybody hating by the hundreds... A motto, Many live by. Won't swallow their pride, Trying to get by. Sly! Packing a hollow, For anyone solid without an eye for a model, Nor a bottle... "I'm high!..." All over their mind, When I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Sober Kid In The Party

Sobriety is weird. Hard to get used to after years with a desk stacked with beers and liquor, Anytime a tear raced down the corners of my eyes. I can see why many lie in fear when our feelings storm around inside. Clearer than before, Now that all the rain on my side stopped pouring... Continue Reading →

Can’t Hustle What’s True

Definition of a Hustler: An enterprising person determined to succeed. A swindler using fraudulent methods to earn money. An expert gambler seeking challenges through the unsuspecting for? You guessed it, More money. Or, Simply, A prostitute with all eyes on some rich honey... Some days, I get confused about how I write and wonder if... Continue Reading →

Millennial Growing Painz

Trauma nickle-plated. Having dinner while elated with an appetite for the ages. Apple seeds planted by John Doe's who handed Life's answers to us kids paving, The way to destruction, Are eaten in vain and, Never is there an apology behind the way they're behaving. Ignorance is bliss when you're full of pain in, A... Continue Reading →

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