Long Poems Can Tire

Some poems are meant to be, Ephemeral. Short-lived. Like, Pain. Laughter. Love. And life... Just, One thought now buried in the past, Either making you laugh, Or cry...

Knivez Of All Kindz

Are we really alone?Is it only us?To whom do I owe,This life I must escape?A life of pain,A life of hate,A life rife with fake surroundings...Yet,All I'm curious for?Is,What's on the other side of that door?Those,Pearly Gates spoken of so much during one's momentary passing.A death,More like a transition into a realm profusely luminous,Whether Dark... Continue Reading →

Aimless Drift

On most days,I feel as stoic as a stone chained to the inner core of Earth.And,I’ve never bothered to figure out why.Have you ever,Ever felt exhausted in all ways emotionally,That your light bulb shatters inside of your skull,As you flow on with the motion?I’m drifting aimlessly at the moment…Funny though,How most people who read my... Continue Reading →

Both Can Fall Off The Seesaw

I don't want to be democratic.Nor a conservative.Rather get back at it with another rhythm while I feel murderous...You've heard of it!Already.A child from the ghetto trying to rock steady.Break away from a neighborhood full of guns & rocks,Setting in the outer surface of my character while I dance with the Devil...On most nights,I wrestle... Continue Reading →

Touch Of A Warrior

A Midas touch is what we all want, But, Can't make gold out of a box, Keeping us cooped up in mess we have wrought. Am I wrong?... Please let me know while I write songs, Coming from darkness I thought I had sawed off. A cloth I've been ripped off, Then stitched back on...... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Suicidez

Ever wake from a nightmare and forget who you were in the first place? Mind so blank while you second all the voices compelling you to immerse Pain, Into every single nerve urging you to write an escape? As a writer not afraid! To reveal his wounds and drown the masses in Blood dripping from... Continue Reading →

Lying To My Damn Self

I won't lie.I want the money to change me tonight...I won't lie.I want the money to change me tonight...Getting my weight up with pockets I fill up with dimes...I'm trying to get high and never come down while I fly.Country to country with God up above me and scry,For all of my enemies!Both of my... Continue Reading →

Double Edged Swordz

Living in your head is like a double edge sword. You either go to war with every demon who swarm any ounce of happiness you mourn every morning, Or. Accept them as an angel we adore, Where the only differences are the horns that are scorching! Instances of messages through the smoke that is soaring,... Continue Reading →

Evil Containment Wave

Containing the monster inside of you is a task as difficult as running 100,000 miles through a hailstorm with ice the size of soccer balls falling on top of your head. Shackling down the beasts who has been banging and banging on each wall you've surrounded it with couldn't be more daunting than blaming yourself... Continue Reading →

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