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Just Felt Like Rappin’ (Seen It All *By Jeezy* Freestyle)

Never been a baller,
I’m writing lyrics richer than every single dollar anyone can make.
Never been a player,
A nerd courting more than a dime piece while everybody tries to hate,
On me!
For the truths I speak!
A man all about keeping his word never has to lie while he’s seeking a deeper meaning of life for a better means,
Of going about his business while showing them all the misses,
From each shot I couldn’t bank while accounting for many,
Many average sins I’ve committed.

Fidgety with words,
Rising from the curb,
Of my mind,
For the things I deserve!
If my wrist isn’t flicking even for a second,
I would never be dope nor the first,
Thing in the mind of an addict when he wakes from the static of my verse!

Either way,
Be careful.
With a man carrying a pen and an earful,
Of bullshit I was told any moment I was down on my luck from those fearful,
Of my talents.
And I can understand it,
Their madness,
Of wanting to rap like me!
They can’t and,
It kills them in the inside while they learn from the standards that I live by…

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