Sorry, Not Sorry!

Not sorry!
I was just born this way.
With a will to detach myself from atavistic features like a 6-pack,
In hand,
Along a winking eye whenever it’s time to show who I truly am…

Not sorry!
For most of my life,
I’ve been excessively fat.
Pushing 300 pounds,
Until now,
Ever since I’ve crossed and burned bridges that couldn’t withstand!
The weight of my bag,
Of demons I’ve left,
Dead in the grass…

Not Sorry!
Never any ice!
Have only tried being as heartwarming as I can,
I was already chained to the thought of being an outcast…

Have always been different,
As I related more with whoever wrapped their heads around a rhythm,
They wouldn’t mind listening to.
Rhythms I’ve used,
That pivoted tools,
Trying to fix my character to be like their own…

There’s only one of me.
I don’t care!
For anyone’s attempt trying to one up me.
The ones who wouldn’t lend a hand?
Are now hanging on the same edge,
Where I was found by God,
Promising to never stop loving me…

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