Sorry, Not Sorry!

Sorry,Not sorry!I was just born this way.With a will to detach myself from atavistic features like a 6-pack,In hand,Along a winking eye whenever it’s time to show who I truly am… Sorry,Not sorry!For most of my life,I’ve been excessively fat.Pushing 300 pounds,Until now,Ever since I’ve crossed and burned bridges that couldn’t withstand!The weight of my... Continue Reading →

Heaters Stop Banging At Some Point

Observant and patient, Yet, Racing against the Master Clock. Tick-tock! It goes, Whether you're the master or not. Yet, Eternal I feel when washing away the sins of a past now floating on the rocks... But, Why do I feel life's at a dead end any time I'm around, Them? They whom spit out flesh!... Continue Reading →

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