Solitude By Choice

To be be given solitude during a period where your ailing heart needs an escape? A blessing in disguise bedazzled with our tears, frozen into ice chained to our necks and wrists in respect to whatever our personal mission is.

After all, freedom is just a figment in our imagination involuntarily engineered ever since man dared putting a leash over another too weak to defend himself…

“Do as I say!”
A phrase I’d never want to hear for the rest of this life and any other I’m blessed to experience after I die! Why? For many more reasons than I lacking the audacity to ever recite such a curse to another human being struggling to rise from the edge…

I mean, who am I to cross a line breaking that rope holding us together? Of course, we’re all left with choices to choose from, but wouldn’t you want to make the right one? Unless you desire freedom to destroy your own potential before ever seeing its seed grow and blossom?

Solitude. The kind of loneliness you’d need to adopt as your lifestyle of choice if you wish to set that hugger-mugger past free and fine yourself as you really are. A king of peace that can only be found in pure isolation from what is external to a spirit being devoured by flesh…

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