Poemz In Question

Poetry isn't just about fancy prose. It's about telling the truth when it matters most. It's about burying demons underneath ink spilled. It's about being honest with one's self to be the best you can be. I don't care about the amount of metaphors or similes you're able to come up with, I just have... Continue Reading →

Invisible Cloakz

I don't really like being outside, Unless it is cold. Kind of feels like a monster keeps stalking me everywhere I go... My heart beats. And beats... And beats... While all of my tears flow. Left, Right, Down as the wind blows... A villain in her eyes, Misunderstood by the unknown trapped inside of my... Continue Reading →

Letter To An Ex

Pockets full of dimes, Although, Worthless. Rocking my bed at night, As a pro at work with, A state of mind so fragile. Thinking I'm ready for commitment, Yet, Truth be told? I've been more fond of raffles, Bagging different numbers until I hit the jackpot, But, I'm baffled... At my lack of satisfaction, While... Continue Reading →

Purple Kingz

Purple is the only color I see. I bleed, Violets, Lavender and diamonds. I like to think that I shine brightest, In a fashion I feel comfortable in as I vibe in, My own vanity... I already feel like an alien who has undergone insanity. Insanity caused by society's audacities. Like, How I'm supposed to... Continue Reading →

We’ve Been Tricked

*disclaimer at the bottom* As an outcast never accepted. A child who was always rejected. By everyone! White, Black, Yellow, Didn't matter how receptive. I was, For the culture of anyone! Racism. Doesn't mean anything to me, When we're all slaves to the Money. Green attracts all the 'honeys.' Green is the reason others won't... Continue Reading →

If Only Poetry Was A Woman

Wounds drip blood signaling your rise from the ashes. Breaking off a mold upheld by the Masses. Because, It's time for me to eat while I stack bread without whining for a match and, A blunt wrap full of MJ as I rather ball on a stage and keep rappin'... Ever wondered, When is it... Continue Reading →

God’s Son

Life begins, Then, It ends. For better or for worse no matter what you represent. Either sprite bottles full of medicine, Blunts and other sedatives, Or, All the conscious messages, You're spreading in a world divided... At least in mine. Bliss, I used to find. In, All of my well-suited ties. Until I found myself... Continue Reading →

Hot Seatz

Everything comes to an end. So, I'll keep flicking my wrist. Cooking up crack on a page and passing the Tests. Of life. Presented to me by the Crest I dearly look up to... All I want is Youth to be high, On all of the warmth provided by light... How it can't ever be... Continue Reading →

Damaged Goodz

Damaged, Internally. While screaming out His name into the sky! Knowing He won't float down, From his cloud. Knowing I will never hear his voice correct my words again... But, Some way, Some how, I still feel heard. I still feel the presence of a loving man who vowed to lift me from the edge... Continue Reading →

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