Invisible Cloakz

I don’t really like being outside,
Unless it is cold.
Kind of feels like a monster keeps stalking me everywhere I go…

My heart beats.
And beats…
And beats…
While all of my tears flow.
Down as the wind blows…

A villain in her eyes,
Misunderstood by the unknown trapped inside of my mind.
All I see is a man next to a mirror sparking a light.
At times with a smile,
Mostly as he cries…

I digress,
And lie in,
My own bed no matter how alone as I write lines,
Written in the name of every crisis I have ever been in.
Standing tall whether or not I was at fault.
I am human just like her on any day I’m fighting,
Suicidal thoughts that could not escape my mind when,
She started hiding!
The person she once was…
Not as perfect like many others think her to be,
From what I know,
It’s all Love…

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