Freewrite #30 – Not A Monster

Can't stop thinking about what it's like to be the guy every woman throw themselves at with full force. A lonely, nerdy dude like me, formerly 300 pounds up until my junior year of college at Queens, isn't so fun to be when you yearn for someone's embrace. Sure, all the weight is gone, have... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it? You Know It Is!

Why rise from slumber and whinge at Society's general follies? Is the question. Yet, A person like me? Hard-headed even after breaking out of his long-time, Corrugate shell of reticence, Discovers that to be strenuous. Spending laborious amounts of time relaxing my nerves after involuntarily witnessing any kind of ignorance. Ridiculing myself over and over... Continue Reading →

How Would You Even Know?

How do you know when your heart 'is in it'? Knowing your life depends on it? I often don't realize I'm thirsty, Until my mouth is dry and can't recite a single sonnet. Signs you must be aware of before you make a response in, Vain... Can't say you don't lie to yourself from time... Continue Reading →

Invisible Cloakz

I don't really like being outside, Unless it is cold. Kind of feels like a monster keeps stalking me everywhere I go... My heart beats. And beats... And beats... While all of my tears flow. Left, Right, Down as the wind blows... A villain in her eyes, Misunderstood by the unknown trapped inside of my... Continue Reading →

Monsterz In The Flesh

Defeated?... Never the case. What reason? To get up and pray? To get on a stage, And leave them in pain? A weekend... Away from the deep end, While staying right on shore, Getting my feet wet... And reject, All the cynical demons, Resting soundly on my shoulders while I try my best to repent...... Continue Reading →

Double Edged Swordz

Living in your head is like a double edge sword. You either go to war with every demon who swarm any ounce of happiness you mourn every morning, Or. Accept them as an angel we adore, Where the only differences are the horns that are scorching! Instances of messages through the smoke that is soaring,... Continue Reading →

Suicidal Love

Mind at a ramble, When I scramble every thought of you. Why is it that I battle with my inner child, Anytime I think of losing you... It's true. I'm in love like never before. And, I'll do whatever takes to protect what God meshed in the spirit of loyalty. Understanding. Communication... Problem is, Knives... Continue Reading →

Evil Containment Wave

Containing the monster inside of you is a task as difficult as running 100,000 miles through a hailstorm with ice the size of soccer balls falling on top of your head. Shackling down the beasts who has been banging and banging on each wall you've surrounded it with couldn't be more daunting than blaming yourself... Continue Reading →

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