Cyborgs & Star Wars

When the world ended,
It wasn’t what we thought.
No rapture involved.
No Flame disintegrating leaves who have already made the Fall.
Not a single tsunami breaking down our walls.
A change in everything that once was in modern day Babylon…

Don’t you think it’s odd that most people feel the opposite of Human nowadays?
Kind of like,
A Robot designed with an automated phrase?
Spending hours with a phone in hand as long as a “ping” keeps tickling their brain?
Withdrawals anytime they decide to put their Cell down and stay away…

I do.
Even if we make an excuse,
For our use of devices found to be listening to you,
While documenting your moves,
They’ve destroyed us from the inside while we lose,
The need for one another.
When it’s war time as I’m smothered,
By memories of kids who keep dying in our watch,
Left discolored.
Every time “Black Lives Matter” didn’t matter any moment we’ve killed each other…

I digress.
I digest,
An isolation so evasive of a system attempting to silence my rhetoric.
Wishing to coerce me into believing any lie in their convoluted messages.
From the Left making up stories
To the Right living negligent.
When all I think about are those who left while left to write before I fell to Death in this,
Forest of illusions…

A place where not many things are what they appear to be.
It’s not until you’re homeless without a plate to eat,
When you realize Evil is what mostly walks through our city streets.
Understanding that one simply cannot give up a single penny,
As they must save it to purchase their special drink.
The only minorities,
That exists,
Are those who are forced to sleep on hot concrete,
Can’t tell you how many times I was “left” hanging more often by those who look like, me…

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