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Perched On A Branch

I’m feeling good now that I pray more.
Nothing else in my mind besides the hand that I raise for,
A moment to write a line about the life that I crave for,
A life I will live no matter what is on stage pouring out of my mind…

Doesn’t matter how dark the memory.
I chose the light to witness a better me!
Outshining demons in my mind to fight off “Their” energy…

Regardless if it’s hatred stemming from their lack of love,
Even as the bane of my existence,
Destined I am to fly above the branch I’m perched on.
No more sticks nor seeds that do not serve thoughts,
Coercing me to bat my eyes while driving on a road I’ve swerved on!
And crashed…
A crash leading to a rebirth offsetting such a lonely death.
A death where I was wrapped up by the memories of friends who had left!
Me for dead…
Without ever looking back…

5 thoughts on “Perched On A Branch

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      1. Oh yeah!!! I think you will find some solace in todays post and fun in others. It also gets you out of your world and takes the focus of the angst-:)
        Thanks a lot and hope you are too-:)


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