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Harsh Blunts

Beginnings of a poem can be hard.
When all you want to do is see humanity crumble by its own karma.
Humanity deserves every bit of it!,
Who am I to open my mouth and alarm us?
Too many Bel-air dreams with a will to farm a plant,
Drink as many shots you can,
With a pill in hand!
No matter how bad it could harm us…

A generation under medication while sedated by the thought of chasing highs.
You’ll find hanging low.
Pupils dilated wider than their mind can ever be while locked on to a cell phone.
So many hungry for realities full of glitz and glamour,
Scrolling through a feed even if they’re never satisfied while hammered…

Maybe I’ve been a bit too harsh on society,
Regardless of so many fingers nailed to a screen.
There are more opportunities to get bored,
Especially if you’re a man,
Like me!
Dated in the eyes of all the family and friends who ignored my plea,
For any kind of help…

Maybe I haven’t been harsh enough after being hit below the belt.
With lie after lie!
No matter if it came from a dire broadcast or the mouth of a liar who’d cry!
For my attention.
Whether it be brothers armed with revenge,
Adults with an ego as fragile as a lost child too afraid to learn life lessons…

To walk outside without a jab to the jaw,
A swift kick to the gut,
Ending with a stomp while I crawl?
Seems impossible to come across while I talk,
With an edge to my tone acknowledging everything wrong in society.
A voice my mother said was worthless for using it to spear my anxiety.
A voice I will never shut!
Till the demons in my mind stop shouting at me!
To roll another one,
Another one!
Until I’m shrouded and blinded by weed smoke…

All a man can do is be himself without being sandwiched by weak roles they aren’t suited for,
While playing “hero” for their inner child when those they loved kick them while they’re down on the floor,
Of a glass home anyone desperate for change yearns to escape.
A glass home surrounded by so many others watching them like an artifact encased.
No matter what is displayed,
Every fact lies within every piece of art they create.
Whether or not we choose to use each blessing God gave us,
That’s a choice every human in existence is forced to make…

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