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Spilling One’s Gut 5 – The Final Act

New age lies used to clutter my mind until I,Realized the truth.How most people willingly sugarcoat their bitter hearts with sweet inaccuracies when telling their story,Just to feel good for the moment!As they close their eyes before things become visually gory…I would know,Because,I've done it back when I didn't have a backbone when confronting each... Continue Reading →

Harsh Blunts

Beginnings of a poem can be hard.Especially,When all you want to do is see humanity crumble by its own karma.Humanity deserves every bit of it!,But,Who am I to open my mouth and alarm us?Too many Bel-air dreams with a will to farm a plant,Drink as many shots you can,With a pill in hand!No matter how... Continue Reading →

Faded By Blunt Smoke

Everyday I was faded by blunt smoke. High in the sky where the clouds cloak, All murderous thoughts from head to toe, While light shined bright in plain sight, But still alone I was, In a spot where light had last shone... Now I'm spotlighted. Spotlighted while my mind's in crisis. Indecisive, About whether I... Continue Reading →

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