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Spilling One’s Gut 2 – Relapse

Another morning waking up doing what I did yesterday.
Taking hits enduring all the pain while I circle around till I find a better way.
A renegade since day one while I penetrate a state of mind keeping me in my lesser ways.
They say it’s impossible!
They say for me to change is improbable,
By being what you’ve been!
All I’ve been is a man writing through a war where I’m trying to dock a few demons of the change they owe me!
They don’t tend to understand how I coin a phrase to stop feeling lonely,
Not to buy into the idea of destroying my life through the weed I’ve been smoking,
While watching each culprit laugh and frolic as I pay the price and pray I survive every moment,
I light a blunt!
And inhale the fire burning me to a crisp as I try my luck,
Every night,
To put it out as long as I can still breathe in this Abyss of ash and dust…


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