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No Longer Riddled By Choices

It’s what I’ve needed as I lost my two cents in regard to what I truly love.
But, there isn’t much I can do.
My options?
Continue forward as if I haven’t been crying often or stay behind on every deadline I assign myself to produce a thought in the form of a poem until I, die.
Die a horrible death I would rather avoid until God believes I’m ready.
And, I have chosen after years of contemplation.
My decision?
Walking through my given path until I’m too exhausted to smile nor frown.
Until I am, doused in an endless sea of peace where I float above every ounce of water from underneath each bridge that couldn’t stop me from reaching my goal.
Peace I yearn to instill within my mind, heart, spirit and soul through a pen that still loves me.
Even after how long I’ve ignored its presence right beside me…

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