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Clouded By Choices

I guess I’ve been so disappointed in myself that,
I could barely face my pen and pad,
With intent to heal myself from a past I’ve,
Chosen to rewind in my mind,
Until I was shown a price I was forced to pay.
My voice,
Along side a silent mind was the cost,
I had to pick a different choice.
Between destroying every dream I’ve ever had for another chance to distort my reality,
Quieting the noise in my head to clear the smoke and see the man I can and will be glad to be.
If I was pennywise,
I would coin another phrase before I ever pick up another dime that will never grab me from an edge I’ve been dangling on while trying to gain back my sanity.
I can’t see how I will ever be broken again,
In any fashion,
By wearing out a,
Pen and pad in every morning that I wake.
Every night,
Before I go to sleep praying to God to take this pain away…


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