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The Next Chapter

Chapters close right after you open a new one.
A message found within every breath taken as you run,
Your fingers through a page,
Till you finish that one line coercing your heart to race,
Without a ribbon in sight to break!
Nor receive.
Our prize being a sense of joy I often do not see,
As soon as I step out onto New York City streets I yearn liven up.
Through a smile others rarely witness,
A compliment some never get to hear while they go about their business.
I just,
Want to be happy and share that with a world I have missed ever since,
I became bitter without a hint of sweetness in my spirit.
Forgetting all about those nights feeling endless with a cup full of liquor and a thought to “end it!”
A life I now appreciate more than I ever have,
As I’m thankful to wake up another day with a grin and,
A chance to finally move on from a past,
Making me the better man I am today!
Instead of staying stuck in my tracks while living a life full of nothing but,


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