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Dimples I’d Love To Kiss

Solace is found in Her dimples when Her cheeks rise to the sounds of Cheer.
Witnessing her smile feels like,
Being hugged by heartwarming sunshine after surviving a winter storm as turbulent as my heart this very moment.
If only…
If only she opened her heart to the thought of intertwining our existence.
If only she looked past my sneakers more hole-ridden than my heart after leaving such a dark past behind me…
How would I know if I haven’t even tried.
To say,
You’ve been on my mind quite often lately and,
Just wanted to ask if you’d take a ride with me?”
A ride down a journey where I’ve needed someone’s love to laugh with me,
Cry with me.
Help me feel more than the bitterness inside of me just because life isn’t as sweet as before…
It’s about time I quit speaking my mind,
To myself,
And step out of my door instead of talking to it.
Shoot my shot before my clock expires,
Having no choice but to watch Her leave the sidelines while I crawl into this,
Eternal Abyss I’ve known too well ever since my ex made me feel,



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