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Happy New Years! – Open Letter

Happy New Years! Been a rough one, hasn't it? So much hostility. Countless deaths and wretched acts of war. Hidden agendas making themselves known the more we tear down reality's fourth wall. But! We survived. Blessed I am to sit here this very moment writing out what's been tearing me apart for the past five... Continue Reading →

Dimples I’d Love To Kiss

Solace is found in Her dimples when Her cheeks rise to the sounds of Cheer.Witnessing her smile feels like,Being hugged by heartwarming sunshine after surviving a winter storm as turbulent as my heart this very moment.If only...If only she opened her heart to the thought of intertwining our existence.If only she looked past my sneakers... Continue Reading →

Man’s Best Friend

Walking all alone on the sidewalk was a dog with a smile. Thought his owner was right behind Him, Until I noticed how He passed Him and kept going on for miles. And, With how bright our Sun was beaming, You would think He was smelling like roses underneath it, Until you approached Him and... Continue Reading →

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