Man’s Best Friend

Walking all alone on the sidewalk was a dog with a smile.
Thought his owner was right behind Him,
Until I noticed how He passed Him and kept going on for miles.
With how bright our Sun was beaming,
You would think He was smelling like roses underneath it,
Until you approached Him and see Him coated with dirt we kick mindlessly…

Broad day light while taking a stroll,
I figured I’ll be the one to purchase many cans of food,
For him to feed on just in case I can’t come around any time soon!
In a city where it feels like most scoop with a knife and cut with a spoon…

Just imagine.
A wiener dog running up to a tree trunk as brown as his fur.
Blending in with all kinds of nature.
Whether it’s the soil He’s digging through,
Or every human palm petting his head so his stress can waiver.
Yet grinning of all things!
I’m over here worried if I’ll be able to sleep on a bed where I typically sink,
Right into nightmarish dreams I may have formulated subconsciously…

Can’t forget about those green eyes that marbled at any sign of life it came across.
Finding myself asking,
How does He do it?
Even if I’m Human with opposable thumbs yearning to embrace his paws…
As he smirks in the face of despair,
I also see the reflection of a man I frequently stare at looking into my bedroom mirrors.
Fighting so damn hard to stand tall in a concrete jungle with faith in our God upstairs…

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