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Just Another Zombie Flick

Goes the Neighborhood.
Mothers praying for their sons while zombies savor blood.
Guns loaded and ready to shoot in the name of survival,
Whatever that means to us.
Running til of one us trips!
Left in the midst of War to be eaten alive,
By dirt kicked in front of you from all the friends you trusted…

At least,
That’s how every zombie movie seems to be,
In a world where Television has become reality.
You’ll get cut from more sets,
Than a director disliking what he had to see.
As a writer myself producing audible images of everything I’ve seen,
Are we acting fearfully?
Keeping distant from what isn’t widely accepted by majority?
Afraid of each minor flaw we see expand in ourselves when facing what we swore to be,
Evil of any kind?

Just asking questions while I sit,
Composed in divine states of mind,
As I try my best to show others otherwise.
Okay to by yourself and unwind!
Before that bomb in our chest explodes,
Leaving all of our skeletons exposed,
With how blood thirsty the world has become,
You can understand why one refrains from being part of a pack of wolves tearing each other up!

Horror flick.
After horror flick.
Ticks of bullets shedding skin while creating orifices,
Where a smorsgasbord of hysterical demons enter when their boredom hits.
A craze in an atmosphere poisoned with panic and enmity…

We all know how it ends.
Not a single soul left.
All devoured by the rest.
Who died in the inside,
Reawakened by thoughts of insurrection.
Salivation drowning out every smile of the innocent,
Replaced with cravings for flesh.
There is no stopping It!

If only I had an answer while under duress.
No time to sit by and allow my head to be bitten off for the fruits of life I chose to digest,
In a world that’s running out of seeds while the Earth’s soil rots!
By the hands of Death…

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