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Kicked Out Of The Club

Mornings are difficult for a soul riddled by all kinds of rejection.
Whether it be at the hands of lifelong friends who have kicked you out of their club after changing certain rules while away from you,
Family defecating on any ounce of sunshine beaming your way with their wasteful misery,
It all tugs at your heart strings a little too merciless…

That’s just exactly how it feels,
You’re mourning.
Mourning for the days where you actually felt loved,
Instead of feeling like a Fantastic Beast being hunted down by pitiful wielders of Dark Magic with imperious demands I will never follow through…

“Fantastic” is the part I mostly focus on.
How such a wondrous,
Sensational and divine craft was placed in my palms,
Once so sweaty with confusion and despair.
Dried by a second wind of life flowing all throughout a body made stronger when coated with sprinkles of new found Appreciation…

As difficult as they may be,
Why mourn anything when rising to the tune of a new day?
A question I find myself asking as I strut to the chirps of neonate squabs and the sweet,
Soothing rustling of freshly grown Tulips,
Sunflowers and Roses.
A question I find myself less and less the more I decide to move on,
And just,
Smile like I never have before…

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