Classmatez, Or Enemiez?

All our lives we’ve heard that schools are full of students in competition.
Fighting to be top of the crop in a classroom with pencils scribbling answers on a test for a spot in positions,
Anyone can have,

What if every student earned a 10 out of 10?
100 percent?
An A+ on each assignment given?
I thought the only one we compete with is, Ourselves at the end of if all?
Aren’t I inside a class to change a life by learning more than what’s been known to keep me bouncing wall to wall?
Even if another gets the higher score,
Who am I to blame the alleged victor for the time I spent choosing to avoid that call,
Of success?
We often let fall into pieces because of our weak connection with who we really are inside…

Tired of asking questions.
Never enough openings for your favorite position in the career of your dreams.
What if you were wrongfully chasing the opposite of what you were meant to be?
Haven’t came across what your palms gravitate towards naturally…

As an ode to my brethren,
Never is there competition.
All there is,
Is learning,
Coping and giving every spec of light in which we want given back.
An opportunity to know the spirit inside of a vessel of flesh none of us remember asking for,
In a world where time goes by in a sudden flash,
The more you decide to find a reason to infinitely love,
And laugh…

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