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Sipping Tea Next To The Fire Place 1

*Disclaimer*Hey, lovely world! I wanted to take some time just writing out my days and sharing some feelings about what I see and experience, get to know me more as a person. I also have a really bad habit of isolation and just wanted to open up more to the Universe. I really hope y’all enjoy ❤“Sipping Tea Next To The Fire 1Not often do I sit down and just, reflect. Reflecting while loving myself in ways that were foreign to me until now. Like, patting myself on the back, for once, for a job well done. Or, simply taking a day off from work to read a good book while gently sipping on peppermint tea mixed with a splash of honey & cinnamon, no sugar. Things I felt I didn’t deserve over a filthy drinking habit stunting any kind of progression for a life dwindling in New York City’s constant madness.But, as I lay back on a bench on Dyckman Street underneath a night sky blanketing my sore eyes with such a marvelous view of Venus, the weight on my shoulders decrease. The laughter of children sooth out any left over pain my limbs harbor from the night before. Moonshine illuminates my faith in God to even brighter heights my eyes have never witnessed.Who knew the right steps toward complete sobriety would rejuvenate a heart that almost set within the mightiest stone? A beating heart, stone cold, in a land hot with War while coated in puddles of Acid Tears. Walking with a renewed will to live life at its maximum, no longer do the same usual triggers shoot down my entire mood into oblivion. There’s a different kind of peace I find within silence, nowadays, that doesn’t inevitably rip me into pieces like before. A silence during a time where my demons are dead in their place, as they deserve to be…Oh, Alcohol. It was never nice knowing you! If booze had a humanoid manifestation, it’d be Tracy McGrady’s modern-day doppelganger. Sure, you might have had an incredible night, but like his career full of strikes on his permanent record, you might just end up with a wonky back that will deny you of any further shot possible. All jokes aside, though, that drink stinging your throat with its notorious touch of death has no place in such a beautiful world littered with our undying ignorance…All I know is, the day I removed beer cans from my bedroom countertops and windowsills, is the day the Beast inside of me began to shrink into a hobbit running some of my internal errands for me, whatever they may be. Question is, how was I able to do it with succession after an endless amount of failed attempts? Especially, while surrounded by a family trying their best to trigger a relapse through their weak, Yamcha-like jabs (insider joke for Dragon Ball Z fans, haha) in the form of judgment and pure deflection. Just, how?A few reasons. But, the most crucial ones? Not wanting to be like the people blindly hurting me any chance they’ve gotten. And, as unfortunate as it may sound having been rejected by alleged ‘flesh and blood’, what does it even matter if my own body still cradles my undying soul regardless of all the times I’ve tried hurting It? So many reasons to stay alive and healthy. So many opportunities we get to see ourselves change. Why not make that change happen and see for yourself how peaceful life can?”

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