Ashy Elbows On Rainy Days

As beautiful as the sky can be,
Rain may fall as tears float down onto soil absorbing our sorrow for us,
So that we can grow the biggest smile possible…

The rain is so gorgeous,
Voluptuous in its Fall.
Every single rain drop splashing on my dry,
Ashy elbows feel as if all my emotional dirt is washing away, Revamping with energy I cannot find under sunlight,

I kind of question why God would think I deserve such beauty at the moment.
With the sound of droplets striking leaves and crumbling tree branches on their way down,
The only thing that seems to matter this very moment is,
The Breeze.
So heartwarming in its flow as I soak it in and feel,

A way I don’t typically feel unless I’m balled up in Nature’s healing embrace.
And maybe,
That’s why I find myself questioning whether or not I’m worthy of such vivacity.
I just want to feel the same way in the arms of my Mother.
For once…

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