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Just Waiting To Die

All a person wants is to be acknowledged.
With love and open arms from someone they’ve known for the longest.
Life seems to go on without a single thought for me.
Not a single person in my life that calls me to say,
How are you?
Just to see how I am doing.
Not a single hug to keep me from falling into darkness looming everywhere I go…
Only crickets for me while I starve for a source of survival now depleted,
As far as I know…

*Side Note*

If you have anyone in life you call a friend or family, just call them to see how they’re doing. Please. After living in isolation for so long even if I don’t intend to, I can really say that all a struggling person wants is someone to care for them. Sometimes, it’s so hard to care for yourself when all you’re surrounded by are people who have nothing but the worst to say about who you are and the life you live. If you have friends or family you know for a fact are not in a good place, not surrounded by love, please surround them with yours. As a person myself who’s just been, alone, surrounded by nothing but people who hate me, a hug is like a bag of food falling from the sky after starving for days. I pray to encounter others who say more to me than, “Everything will be alright, you’re not alone!” Please extend your love to your loved ones if you can…Stay blessed 💜

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