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Open Letter <3

Hey Universe!

I just wanted to give a quick update as well as some love for those who enjoy reading my work :).

My apologies for not being so consistent for the past several months! I’ve been battling my own set of depression along with my addiction to cannabis in which I’ve had to turn my focus to.

Lately, the motions of depression and my bad habit to smoke when I shouldn’t has been quite crippling while keeping me away from everything the world has to offer. This has been my reality for the past couple of years, ever since the pandemic started while surrounded by a family that have terrorized my life in ways I will explain sooner than later.

But, for those who have tuned in and have given me a read or two, thank you! It gives me hope in regards to not being alone while stuck in a space knowing I am not wanted here. It reminds me that I am accepted by others no matter how many mistakes I have made regarding my health mentally and physically.

Starting next week, I’ll be uploading audio again for y’all to listen to. Some raw poetry I’ve had to get off my chest as the band-aid to the wounds in my bleeding soul. It should be a rollercoaster ride not only for myself, but for those who have been shackled to the ankles of their demons while on a search for their escape. I can’t wait to just open up and be honest about the past five years of my life, as I accept myself for who I am and what I’ve been.

Please, stay beautiful. Stay blessed! We all die one day, after all. Smile as if your cheeks have yet to figure out what a frown even is.

Peace & Love ❤


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    1. Honestly, I think I’m definitely. Incapable of quitting writing lol. I won’t forget :), I for sure will give a visit after an open mic I’m gearing up for. Just have to be super focused for the next week. Thank you for the love as always, I appreciate you 💜💜

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