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Open Letter <3

Hey Universe! I just wanted to give a quick update as well as some love for those who enjoy reading my work :). My apologies for not being so consistent for the past several months! I've been battling my own set of depression along with my addiction to cannabis in which I've had to turn... Continue Reading →

Thank You!

If you're reading this, for real, thank you. I apologize for not posting more frequently, as I've been going through the hardest transition in my life including illnesses I don't speak of. As a loner with no family nor friends, it gets difficult just to wake up and want to be active. Find meaning in... Continue Reading →

Just, Let It Go.

Been a while since I've received a message. Asking me how have I been throughout the years. You know, Just to check in. Wondering if I am ever written on another person's checklist. Like, Let me call him before I entirely forget him... But, Who am I to pout? Nowadays, I can't really talk to... Continue Reading →

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