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Just, Let It Go.

Been a while since I’ve received a message.
Asking me how have I been throughout the years.
You know,
Just to check in.
Wondering if I am ever written on another person’s checklist.
Let me call him before I entirely forget him…

Who am I to pout?
I can’t really talk to others without feeling some sort of doubt.
Should I be talking to you,
Am I good enough?
Should I spend more time fixing myself,
Will I ever deserve love?
And then,
I shed a tear…

I smile.
I woke up while given another chance to walk a mile.
Towards everything I’ve ever dreamed of since I was a child.
Becoming a father,
Giving my son and daughter the hug I never got when I was in denial.
Feeling like I was dead,
Even though I was alive underneath a pile.
Of lies.
Lies of others loving me,
When all they did was bring pain to my heart and tears to my eyes…

The day I meet my wife,
Showing her the whole world as we live our most peaceful life,
I can’t wait to show the rest how I forgave each and every single one of them,
While thankful for their absence.
Otherwise I wouldn’t touch a single mother fucking pen.
While giving them a hug,
For every single morning I woke up crying on my bed…

Why react with anger for?
Why be spiteful and seek revenge when I can climb the latter towards,
Everything I work for?
Maybe lend a hand,
Because I know what it’s like to be dirt poor.
Wouldn’t want my enemies to be hungry,
When they have kids to feed and also feel hurt,
More often than they show…
It’s just time to let it all.

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