Cutting Tiez

How do you just,
Let go?
Move on?
Some things just feel like a stainless steel knife penetrating your rib cage.
Most of the time you’ll feel like keeping it lodged inside,
Worried it’ll bleed out and kill you if it isn’t…

Seem to ask the same question over,
And over again.
How do you just,
You know,
Those open wounds that do not seem to close no matter how much care is applied?
Pressure keeps leaking out more pain as I get teary-eyed,
Then I start to realize where the pressure’s coming from…

I should quit messing with these open cuts,
Let them close while refraining from a single touch.
Let them scab and peel them off when the moment’s right,
Without looking back at every memory preventing me from standing in front of my mirror,
While feeling loved…

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